Ontario eConsult Program

The eConsult program enables your doctor to consult with specialists across the province to get faster access to advice for your care.

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What is eConsult?

Through an eConsult, your health care team is able to directly ask a specialist questions about your care, so that they can provide the appropriate care for you.

Through a secure, web-based tool, your health care provider is able to get the advice they need, often meaning there isn’t a need to send you for an in-person specialist visit.

How can I benefit from eConsult?

Specialists answer your your health care provider’s questions quickly, within a week.

eConsult is:

eConsults are convenient and efficient, saving you costs associated with travel, parking and lost wages related to in-person specialist appointments.

All privacy standards are applied and messaging between your health care provider and specialist is secure.

How it Works

Step 1:

Your health care provider sends an eConsult to a Specialist about your health concern.

Step 2: (within 1 week)
The specialist reviews the eConsult and either provides advice to your health care provider or recommends an in-person appointment.

Step 3:
Your health care provider provides you with the care you need according to the specialist’s recommendations.


Your health care provider refers you to a specialist for an in-person appointment, if necessary.

Speak to your trusted health care team to learn more about eConsult and whether it is an appropriate option in your care.