Virtual Palliative Care

Connected care at home

Many people prefer to receive their palliative care at home.

The care that you and your loved ones want and need can be delivered at home through virtual care. Virtual palliative care is designed to provide ongoing support and care while avoiding unnecessary travel and time spent in waiting rooms. The goal is to maintain the best quality of life possible, and improve comfort and convenience to make the most of daily living.

OTN is committed to working with various palliative care teams across the province to implement this new care model. Ask your palliative care team about virtual care opportunities and OTN can help in getting started.

Virtual palliative care is suitable for people who would benefit from a home-based approach to palliative care.

It allows for better connection with health teams while avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital or health care facilities.

OTN has worked with palliative care teams to provide patients with mobile solutions to monitor health conditions while keeping them connected with their health teams.

Many people don’t receive early palliative care services when they have a life limiting condition.

Virtual care helps people access care when and where they need it. OTN is here to help your palliative care team get started with virtual care.

Speak to your palliative care team to inquire if a Virtual Palliative Care program can be made available in your area.