Connecting Indigenous Communities to Care

Virtual care connects Indigenous patients with culturally sensitive primary care, specialized care, and urgent care. Patients can access the right care in the right place, while maintaining a close connection to their home community and avoiding unnecessary travel. Providers can offer care to Indigenous communities from anywhere in Ontario, improving access to care, and resulting in better patient outcomes.

Benefits of Culturally Sensitive Care

Ontario Health (OTN) partners with Indigenous service organizations and health care providers across the province to provide individualized care to Indigenous patients and communities. Indigenous virtual care services benefit both patients and providers by:

  • Providers can connect with patients anywhere in Ontario
  • Access to care is increased
  • Patients receive more convenient care closer to home
  • Patient no-show rates are reduced
  • Culturally sensitive youth and adult mental wellness programs are available

Accessing Indigenous services for your patients

Connect your patients to culturally sensitive care from their home community whether it be a remote fly in community or an urban centre. Ontario Health (OTN) partners with:

  • Local health, wellness, and friendship centres
  • Aboriginal Health Access Centres
  • Tribal Councils
  • First Nations Health Authorities
  • Métis Nation of Ontario
  • Other Indigenous service organizations

Visit the Health Services Directory

The Health Services Directory provides an easy way to identify health care providers in Ontario who offer culturally sensitive health care services to Indigenous patients.

Locate sites, groups, programs, and health care providers who provide culturally sensitive care by the Indigenous services indicator in their Directory profile.

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OTNhub is your private and secure community for practicing virtual care using a variety of ways to communicate with and care for patients, and connect with peers and specialists.

If you are part of an Indigenous organization and are not yet an Ontario Health (OTN) member, please contact us to get started.

Interested in providing culturally sensitive care?

Ontario Health (OTN) is working to further expand access to virtual care for Ontario’s Indigenous population. If you have experience providing care to Indigenous communities or patients and offer virtual care as part of your practice, please contact us to request to have the Indigenous services indicator added to your Directory profile.

Meet physicians who offer virtual care to Ontario’s Indigenous communities:

How can we help?

Ontario Health (OTN) is committed to continually improving virtual care access for Ontario’s Indigenous population. We are here to help with questions, and to provide support in the following areas:

  • Signing up for Ontario Health (OTN) membership as an Indigenous organization
  • Joining Ontario Health (OTN) network of providers who offer culturally sensitive care
  • Finding a Specialist who offers culturally sensitive care

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